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Supplemental Benefits
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Amplifon Hearing Benefit

It’s time to increase the quality of your life!

Hearing loss is a natural part of life as we age. Left untreated, hearing loss reduces the overall quality of life and sufferers have higher rates of depression and social isolation. It can also cause Auditory Deprivation, a decrease in speech understanding resulting from a hearing loss.

Clinical studies have shown that wearing a properly fitted hearing aid significantly improves your overall quality of life. Yet, denial and embarrassment are cited as the main reasons for not getting a hearing aid. Even though many hearing aids are virtually invisible and deliver excellent performance, a Johns Hopkins study revealed that only a small percentage of people with hearing loss used a hearing aid.

Amplifon Hearing Health Care has partnered with RELAC to offer a FREE hearing aid discount program. Benefits include:

Amplifon Hearing Health Care Premium

Retiree + Family


To take advantage of this free program, call Amplifon Hearing Health Care directly at (877) 846-7075and let them know you’re a RELAC member. A Patient Care Advocate will assist you.