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Supplemental Benefits
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Liberty Mutual

Discounted Policies Whether You Own, Rent, Drive, or Float.

As a RELAC member, you could save hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of special discounted group rates with Liberty Mutual.

Homeowners Insurance protects you against a variety of losses like fire, theft, vandalism, and plumbing failure. Liability coverage can be included so if anyone is accidentally injured or has property damaged while on your premises, you can be protected from liability claims.

Auto Insurance is available for your car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, and more. Liberty Mutual will make sure you have the right coverages to protect you and repair your car. Additional benefits may include accident forgiveness, new car replacement, unlimited rental, and lifetime repair guarantee.

Renters Insurance protects your personal possessions against a variety of losses including fire, theft, vandalism, plumbing failure, and provides personal liability coverage. Your landlord has coverage to protect their building, but that covers them, not you or your possessions. Renters insurance is a very low cost policy that provides lots of security against life’s mishaps.

Condo Insurance protects the inside of your unit and your possessions. As a condo owner, should something happen to the building, such as a fire or major plumbing failure, your HOA’s insurance will cover the rehabilitation of the building. However, that policy won’t cover items inside your unit.

Who pays to replace your granite counter tops, kitchen cabinets, furniture, TV, and clothes? Who pays for your hotel room while your place is being fixed? Unless you have a condo insurance policy, the answer is you! Condo insurance is a low cost policy that provides you the protections that your HOA’s policy does not.

Landlord Insurance protects your investment from losses associated with damages to your unit, loss of income should the unit be uninhabitable, and liability should your renters do something unthinkable.

Personal Liability / Umbrella policies protect you should a serious accident or mishap happen on your property. You don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued for a million dollars or more. Umbrella Insurance protects you and your assets from large verdicts or settlements due to a covered accident. This is additional coverage above and beyond the limits on your other policies. This insurance is purchased in conjunction with auto insurance.

Flood Insurance may sound like the type of coverage that you only need if you live by a large body of water. Floods can be caused not only by storms, hurricanes, and melting snow, but also by backed up sewer lines and busted water mains. Droughts can cause vegetation to die and when rain does come, flash floods can occur. Few people know that floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States.

Standard homeowners coverage won’t cover many water related incidents and federal disaster assistance is only available if the President declares a disaster, which rarely happens. Liberty Mutual flood insurance, offered through the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program, can help protect you.

Multi-Policy Discounts are available in many states.

Liberty Mutual

Policies are tailored to meet your specific needs.

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