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Supplemental Benefits
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Administered by Pacific Group Agencies, Inc.

Travel Guard

Insurance to Cover All Your Travel Needs

A vacation is a break from the routine of your everyday life and all its worries. A time to relax and the opportunity to do something different – maybe even doing things they would not ordinarily do. However, when traveling, the unforeseen can happen without warning and can be costly.

The sudden illness of a traveling companion or family member back home, a natural disaster, or inhospitable weather alters your traveling plans. Instantly, all the money paid for a vacation vanishes. Travel insurance provides peace of mind and protects you from the unforeseen.

Whether you’re going on a cruise, tour package, resort vacation, safari, or just a quick self-booked trip, Travel Guard insurance can protect you for a variety of circumstances. Coverage is available for:


Travel Guard Insurance

Rates are based on cost of trip and age of traveler.


Approximate Cost of Insurance


7% of Trip Cost


9% of Trip Cost


11% of Trip Cost


15% of Trip Cost

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