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Supplemental Benefits
Endorsed Exclusively for RELAC Members and
Administered by Pacific Group Agencies, Inc.

HMO” Pet Care – UPC

Available for Cats, Dogs, Birds, & Exotic Animals


United Pet Care (UPC) offers a unique approach to pet care. UPC is a discount program available for all pets regardless of age or pre-existing and breed specific conditions. Pet owners will receive instant savings of 20%50% off exam, surgery, hospitalization, vaccine, spay/neuter, diagnostic, radiology, dental, and other preventative and sick care procedures. Medication is also discounted 20%25%.

Saving money with UPC is easy. There are no deductible, no claim form, no waiting period, no pre-existing condition exclusion, and no limit on the number of vet visits. Your pet may enroll regardless of age or medical condition and you start saving money from day one!

Pet parents select from a nationwide network of over 1,900 conveniently located, quality vets to choose from.

Members will also receive discounts at numerous pet places including those for: Pet Food, Natural Food, Grooming, Accessories, Products, Supplies, Boarding Kennel, Doggie Daycare, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Training-Obedience, Herbs, Supplements, & Medications.

A list of participating providers is available at:

United Pet Care Monthly Premium

1 Pet

$8.75 – $10.60

2 Pets

$16.60 – $20.20

3 Pets

$24.30 – $29.60

Each Additional Pet

$7.70 – $9.30

To enroll or for more information:

Call United Pet Care at (888) 781-6622 and mention you are an RELAC member or visit: