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Supplemental Benefits
Endorsed Exclusively for RELAC Members and
Administered by Pacific Group Agencies, Inc.

PPO” Pet Insurance – VPI

Available for Cats, Dogs, Birds, & Exotic Animals


Our cuddly companions are part of our family and we want to provide them with the best care. Americans will spend over $60 billion this year on our companions. With Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), the nation’s oldest pet insurance company, instead of worrying about the cost of care, you can focus on what is really important, your pet’s health.

Multiple plans are available for your specific needs and benefits are paid on a set benefit schedule. You may see any vet or specialist.

Veterinary Pet Insurance Plans

Est. Monthly Premium

Major Medical Comprehensive is a safety net for big vet bills, with the most comprehensive protection and highest level of benefits.

$15 / Cat

$25 / Dog

Medical Plan Economical provides coverage for accidents, emergencies, illnesses, and ongoing conditions at great value.

$12 / Cat

$19 / Dog

Canine Injury provides low-cost coverage for injuries like poisonings and broken bones.


Feline Select provides low-cost coverage for accidents & illnesses, including coverage for the 15 most common cat conditions.


Wellness may include coverage for exam, vaccination, FeLV/FIV, heartworm, fecal test, urinalysis, dental cleaning, spay/neuter, deworming, nail trim, microchip implant, health certificate, flea / heartworm control, blood test, x-ray, or EKG.

$18 / Cat

$18 / Dog

For more information or to enroll at the discounted RELAC rates, call VPI directly at (877) 738-7874 and mention you are a RELAC member or visit: