For further information on these Supplemental Benefit Plans please call the Plans Administrator, Pacific Group Agencies at (800) 511-9065 or Email:

Supplemental Benefits
Endorsed Exclusively for RELAC Members and
Administered by Pacific Group Agencies, Inc.




How do I enroll?
Enrollment for the following plans is available year round:

Pre-Paid Legal

Enrollment in the Dental and Vision plans are limited to:
Open Enrollment Period (generally November 1st to December 10th with a January 1st effective date).
Within 30 days of a Qualifying Event. Some examples of a Qualifying Event are loss of prior coverage due to retirement; COBRA ending; loss of coverage due to moving out of the servicing area of your current insurance; adding a new spouse or child, etc.
To enroll in the Pet, Auto, Home, or Travel Insurance, please visit their respective page and click on the information/enrollment link listed on the page.

How are these coverages paid for?
The following coverages are payroll deducted:
Pre-Paid Legal
ID Theft Shield
Personal Accident & Secure Travel

The following coverages are directly billed to you by the insurance company:
Pet Insurance
Auto Insurance
Home Insurance
Travel Insurance

Are Domestic Partners eligible for coverages?
Yes, registered domestic partners are eligible for coverage.

Who do I contact if I have questions on these plans or questions about enrolling?
If you have any questions, please contact the RELAC Benefits Administrator, Pacific Group Agencies, at 800.511.9065 or email:

I have a paper Enrollment Form, can I Mail it in?
Yes, please mail it to:
Pacific Group Agencies, Inc.
25876 The Old Road, #11
Santa Clarita, CA 91381

Fax it in?
Yes, please fax it to 800.549.0059

Scan and Email it in?
Yes, please email it to

How long do I have to stay enrolled?
There is a one year commitment to both the Dental and Vision plans. The other plans there is no minimum commitment, however, terminations must be in writing and received by Pacific Group Agencies no later than the 15th of the prior month of termination.

How about some fine print or a Disclaimer?
For all plans, please refer to the Certificates of Insurance for the specifics on what is or is not covered.

This website contains summaries and highlights of the plans available. Every attempt has been made to ensure the wording in this website is accurate and factually represents the coverages being offered; however, mistakes can occur. This website is not a Certificate of Insurance and nothing contained herein, either written or implied, will change the terms of the Certificates of Insurance. Additional exclusions, limitations, and eligibility requirements may apply.

Insurance carriers have the right to change the rules, regulations, terms of coverage, availability and guidelines that are placed on the application, policies and enrollment at any time. Rates change periodically depending on the carrier, open enrollment for the carrier and the type of available insurance products.

An individual cannot assume they have effective insurance coverage even if they have submitted an application. An individual cannot assume that they have insurance coverage until the carrier has sent the individual a verification of coverage with the appropriate effective date.

It is the responsibility of the member to contact us regarding any change in their status that affects the ability to be insured under any of these plans. Members must maintain membership status in RELAC in order to retain these benefits. A termination of your RELAC membership may result in the termination of your coverage. Payroll deducted coverages may be terminated should your deduction stop for any reason.

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For further information on these Supplemental Benefit Plans please: call the Plans
Administrator, Pacific Group Agencies at:
(800) 511-9065
or Email: