Dental Supplement

With dental work becoming more expensive every day, many retirees discover too late that their LACERA-provided PPO dental plan does not cover all costs. Unfortunately, many retirees fail to get appropriate dental care because they can’t afford it and that leads to poor oral health which can cause health issues such as heart attacks and strokes.

This supplemental dental plan coordinates with your LACERA-provided PPO plan and is designed so that you should have little to no out of pocket costs for covered dental procedures.

Every covered member and dependent each has a robust $1,500 calendar year benefit. Enrollees also receive a unique Dental Rewards® “savings account” benefit which allows members to bank some of their unused funds for later use. Any enrollee who uses less than $750 of their annual benefit will automatically have up to $400 per year of their calendar year maximum banked for use in future years.

This plan pays a set dollar benefit for each procedure and allows you to see any dentist. Therefore, you will know up front exactly how much this insurance will pay! This full-service plan covers over 360 dental procedures from the routine preventative, such as cleanings and x-rays, to the major, such as crowns, implants, and dentures.

There is no waiting period for any covered service, provided you are covered under a LACERA dental plan. However, if you have a missing tooth, this plan, like all dental insurance, will not cover a replacement. This plan can also be used as a full-service, standalone plan should you or your dependent not have other coverage.

The following is a list of generic procedure types and the maximum benefit that Ameritas will pay toward that procedure.

Description Benefit
Calendar Year Benefit $1,500
Dental Rewards Up to $400 per Year Maximum $1,000
Calendar Year Deductible

$50 / Person

Waived for Preventative

Covered Services Benefit Maximum*
Cleaning $41
Oral Exam $30
X-Rays $41
Periodontal Maintenance $57
Fillings $105
Oral Surgery $380
Root Canal $428
Inlay (Porcelain / Ceramic) $364
Onlay (Porcelain / Ceramic) $417
Crown (Porcelain / Ceramic) $432
Denture $518
Implant / Abutment $518
Implant (Surgical Placement) $2,443

*Multiple American Dental Association (ADA) codes fall under each category. Your specific procedure may use a different ADA code that provides a lower maximum benefit. Consult your dental office before starting any work.

Ameritas Dental Monthly Premium

Member Only $42
Member + Spouse / Domestic Partner or Child $79
Member + Family $118