Pet Care by United Pet Care

Available for Cats, Dogs, Birds, & Exotic Animals

United Pet Care (UPC) is a unique approach to significant savings on pet care. Members receive instant savings of 20% - 50% off everything from exams to surgeries, hospitalization, vaccines, spay/neutering, diagnostic, radiology, dental, and other preventative and sick care procedures and a 20% - 25% discount on medication.

Unlike traditional insurance, UPC is a discount program designed for all pets, regardless of age or pre-existing conditions. There are no deductibles, no claim forms, no waiting period, no pre-existing condition exclusion, and no limit on the number of vet visits. Whether your cuddly companion is youthful and in great health or has been with you a long time and has some issues, with UPC you will start saving money from day one!

UPC has partnered with thousands of quality vets nationwide. Pet parents must select a vet from this network to receive savings. The most current list of local vets is available by visiting the UPC website or calling UPC.

Members can also receive discounts at a variety of pet stores for food, grooming, accessories, supplies, kenneling, daycare, pet sitting, dog walking, obedience training, herbs and supplements, and medications.

To enroll, for more information, or a list of current vets, visit:  

or call UPC at (888) 781-6622 and mention SCARE.


United Pet Care Monthly Premiums Start At:
1 Pet $10.75
2 Pets $20.60
3 Pets $30.30
Each Additional Pet $9.70