Dental PPO Supplement by Ameritas

Freedom to Use Any Dentist - No Network Restrictions


Benefit Plan Coming Soon to NAPO Members!


This comprehensive plan covers 360+ procedures, from routine preventative to major, including crowns, dentures, and implants. Whether you need routine care or something more extensive, this plan will have you covered. This plan is designed to supplement your existing dental benefits, helping you have little-to-no out-of-pocket costs for covered dental procedures, even expensive procedures
like crowns, dentures, and implants.

Each covered member and dependent receives a robust annual network benefit. Enrollees also have a Dental Rewards benefit which allows them to bank some of their unused benefit for future use. Enrollees who uses less than $750 of their annual benefit will automatically have up to $400 banked for use in future years.

As an added benefit, enrollees who visit the dentist at least once during the year will have their in-network Basic Services benefit increased by 5% the following year - up to an 85% maximum.

While free to use any dentist, using an Ameritas Network Dentist will provide you quality care at deeply discounted prices. Additionally, many Ameritas providers extend deep discounts on non-covered procedures. Finding a network provider is easy, as Ameritas has the largest dental network nationwide with over 325,000 providers.

Find Ameritas Classic PPO Network providers in your area at:

Coverage is available for the member, and you may also insure your spouse/domestic partner, and/or your dependent children up to age 26. Children age 26 and older are eligible if they are permanently disabled and the member lists them as a dependent on their tax return. Grandchildren are only eligible if you have full legal custody.

 *Benefit levels are based on the average rate a dentist in your zip code would charge for that procedure.