Supplemental coverage for all life's moments.

For more than 60 years, Aflac has been a leading supplemental insurance provider helping millions of people get back on their feet—letting them focus on recovery instead of how they'll pay the bills.

CAPT Members - you asked for it, and we delivered. In addition to the Accident, Hospital and Critical Illness policies you have come to know and love from Aflac...we are now making Short Term Disability available (both On and Off the Job) to all CAPT Members.

Instructions for Enrolling:

Aflac Representatives are available by phone or email to work around your schedule. You can call 626-408-5318 and speak with an agent on the phone. We can also arrange to meet in person at your convenience.

Aflac Representatives will be visiting all chapters throughout California. The dates for your chapter are XXXXXXXX 

To apply by email or fax please follow these instructions:

There are four plans available:

Download Complete Pricing Sheet

Download Application Form

Applications can be emailed to: or faxed to 626-408-5337.

Deadline for Open Enrollment is May 10, 2019 for June 1 effective date. June 10th for July 1, 2019 effective date. Check with your Chapter President for specific dates Aflac will be on site.

If you have any questions regarding the policies or applications, please contact your Aflac representatives Sandee Richardson or John Christensen at 626-408-5318.

Short Term Disability

This policy is being made available for the first time to CAPT members! A policy that provides short term disability benefits when a member is unable to work due to injury or illness. When the injury or illness occur off the job, this policy will pay benefits in addition to the member's State Disability benefits. This policy includes coverage for injuries and illnesses sustained ON the job as well. So when a member is injured or becomes ill due to a work related incident, this policy will pay benefits in addition to their Worker's Compensation benefits. The benefits last up to 6 months per claim. Benefit coverage starts at $300 per month and can go as high as $3,000 per month as guaranteed issue (maximum allowed benefits dependent on member's annual salary). Pre-existing conditions will not disqualify applicants for this policy.

Accident Coverage with Hospital Sickness Rider and Accidental Life Insurance

24 hour protection when there is an injury that requires medical attention. This policy pays benefits to the policyholder for emergency/urgent care/physician visits due to an injury. Hospitalization, MRI/CT Scans, Ambulance, Surgical, rehabilitation and accidental death and dismemberment benefits included as well. Annual wellness benefits included as well. This policy can cover member, spouse and children (up to age 26). This policy is a guaranteed issue policy (no one will be denied coverage).

Group Critical Illness ( Heart, Cancer , Stroke etc..coverage )

Lump sum benefits for members up to $15,000 when there is a diagnosis of a heart attack, stroke, invasive cancer, and many more catastrophic life events. Annual wellness benefits are also included. Spouses can be covered up to $7,500. Dependent children are covered at no additional charge (up to age 26). Pre-existing conditions will not disqualify applicants for this policy.

Hospital Indemnity with Surgical Benefits

This policy provides benefits for doctor visits (for any reason), hospital stays, in-patient and out-patient surgeries, chiropractor visits, and wellness. This policy stacks on top of Accident and Critical Illness policies (so if there are overlapping benefits all policies pay all benefits). This policy can cover member, spouse and children (up to age 26). Pre-existing conditions will not disqualify applicants for this policy.