Dental PPO Supplement by Ameritas

Dental work becomes more expensive every day and as many discover, as you get older, you require more major dental work. What used to require a filling, now requires a crown or implant. While your current dental plan pays a portion of the cost, many people quickly learn there are still a lot of out-of-pocket costs. This supplemental dental plan coordinates with your existing PPO plan and is designed so you should have little-to-no out-of-pocket costs for covered dental procedures like crowns, dentures, and implants. Should your spouse or children not be covered by your dental plan, this plan can be used as a full-service, standalone plan.

Each covered member and dependent** receives a generous $1,500 annual benefit. This plan will pay 70% of the cost of your covered procedures, whether it is a routine cleaning or something more major like a crown or denture. This plan will also cover up to $500 for the surgical portion and components of an implant. Related components like the crown are covered under their respective category at 70%.

This plan offers a unique Dental Rewards® benefit which provides members additional “banked funds” to use for covered procedures. Any member or dependent who use less than $750 of their annual benefit will automatically have additional funds deposited toward their calendar year maximum in future years.

As an added benefit, members who visit the dentist at least once during the year will have their Basic Services Network benefit level increased by 5% the following year - up to 85% maximum.

Ameritas has the largest dental network nationwide. There are over 325,000 providers to help ensure that you have access to quality dental care at deeply discounted prices. Ameritas has a well-earned reputation of having some of the best Network Provider discounts in the industry. Additionally, many Ameritas providers have agreed to extend deep discounts on non-covered procedures, such as cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening.

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Network Dentist

Calendar Year Benefit Maximum - All Services

This is the maximum amount the insurance carrier will pay out for your services during the calendar year. 


Calendar Year Deductible

Waived for Preventative

$50 / Person

Preventative Services

Cleaning, Oral Exam, Bitewing X-Ray, & Fluoride.


Basic Services

Filling, Simple Extraction, Periodontal Maintenance, Panoramic X-Ray, Denture Repair & Reline, Recement, Biopsy, Sealant, & Emergency Pain Relief.


Major Services

A 12-month waiting period will be applied unless proof of current coverage is submitted with enrollment form.

Crown, Implant, Periodontic, Endodontic, Root Canal, Bridge, Denture, Complex Extraction, Anesthesia, Bone Augmentation, Inlay Restoration, Onlay Restoration, Crown Repair, Bridge Repair, & Space Maintainer.


Surgical Implant Services.

Implant and related implant services

Note: Abutment supported crowns fall under Major Services Category.


Ameritas Dental PPO Monthly Premium

Member Only


Member + Spouse or Child (1 Dependent)


Member + Family (2 or more Dependents)


*Benefit levels are based on the average rate a dentist in your zip code would charge for that procedure.

For a complete list of covered procedures, please refer to the Certificate of Insurance.

**Coverage is available for the member, and you may also insure your spouse/domestic partner, and/or your dependent children up to age 26. Children aged 26 and older are eligible if they are permanently disabled and the member lists them as a dependent on their tax return Grandchildren are only eligible if you have full legal custody.