Vision without Exam

This “materials only” plan is designed for members who have Kaiser or Health Net medical coverage. Those medical plans include coverage for an eye examination, but not glasses or contacts. This plan will help pay for what your medical insurance does not cover.

You may visit any eye care professional. This indemnity vision plan does not have a network. Your coverage is a set dollar amount regardless of which eye care professional you visit.

Description Maximum Member Benefit
Single Vision Lens $40
Bifocal Lens $60
Progressive / No Line Bifocal Lens $80
Trifocal Lens $75
Lenticular Lens $80
Contact Lens $115
Frames $75
Deductible: Lens / Frame / Contacts $10 / $10 / $0
Frequency: Lens / Frame 12 / 12

VSP Vision Monthly Premium

Member Only


Member + Spouse / Domestic Partner or Child


Member + Family