Vision by VSP

Eye exams are vital to your overall wellbeing. Not only can signs of potentially blinding conditions such as glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, or macular degeneration be detected, but signs of other serious health conditions including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol can also be detected. Many of these issues can easily go unnoticed by you until it is too late, as unlike most of your body, your eyes do not usually hurt when there is something wrong.

This comprehensive vision plan allows you to use any eye care provider, but if you choose one of the VSP Choice Network providers, you will receive the highest benefits and lowest out-of-pocket costs.

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Coverage is available for the member, and you may also insure your spouse/domestic partner, and your dependent children up to age 26. Children age 26 and older are eligible if they are permanently disabled and the member lists them as a dependent on their tax return. Grandchildren are only eligible if you have full legal custody.

VSP Vision Monthly Premium
Member Only $9.50
Member + Spouse / Domestic Partner or Child $19
Member + Family $28


Vision Plan Benefits

Benefit VSP Choice Provider Non-Network


Eye Exam Covered in Full $45

Single Vision




Progressive (Standard)


Covered in Full

Covered in Full

Covered in Full

Covered in Full

Covered in Full








Fit & Follow-Up Exam

Medically Necessary



$60 Co-Pay

Covered in Full



Not Covered



Frames $200 $70
Deductible Exam: $10 / Material: $25
Frequency (Months) Exam: 12 / Lens: 12 / Frame: 24


Lens Options

VSP Providers Only



Progressive Lenses (Premium & Custom) $40
Polycarbonate (Standard) Child: $0

Adult: $33

Solid Plastic Dye $15
Plastic Gradient Dye $17
Photochromatic Lenses $31 - $82
Scratch Resistant Coating $17 - $33
Anti-Reflective Coating $43 - $85
Ultraviolet Coating $16