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What your membership includes
Setting up a will in 3 easy steps

For more than 40 years our goal has been to take a straightforward, practical approach to legal coverage. In a perfect world you’d never need a lawyer, but reality is unpredictable. Businesses and the wealthy can afford to pay attorneys $400 an hour to protect their interests, but can you? With Legal Shield you gain access to attorneys to level the playing field and provide you the protection you need, all for less than 50¢ a day.

Legal Shield uses a nationwide network of affiliate lawyers with an average of 19 years of experience. When you need help you won’t have to talk to a rookie, a paralegal, or a law clerk, but rather you will deal directly with highly experienced lawyers. Whether it’s personal, business related, or criminal, you will have quality legal representation and know your rights.

With Legal Shield you’ll experience the safety and security that over 1.5 million members enjoy. Access to convenient quality no-cost legal help is only a toll-free phone call away.

Benefits of Legal Shield membership include:

Phone Calls and Letters

Your attorney will write letters or make phone calls on your behalf at no cost to you. Whether it’s a person or company that has taken advantage of you and refused to do as promised, or perhaps it was a store that didn't honor a return, or a poorly done repair job, or a merchant who didn’t honor their low-price guarantee, once the other party sees that you have legal representation, they know you are serious and will work to get the situation resolved.

Will Preparation with Annual Reviews

Legal Shield members can receive a Will and annual updates/reviews at no cost. Spouses and covered children can have a Will drafted for just $20. Having an updated Will is part of being a responsible adult. However, 64% of Americans don’t have one and the numbers are even higher for minorities.

A Will is an extremely important thing to have. They can protect your assets from probate and intestacy laws and significantly reduce the time spent in costly probate court. You are provided peace of mind, knowing that your assets are protected and your loved ones will be cared for. They provide control of the gifting of assets to the specific person(s) you choose and can help ensure your committed relationship partner or children are provided for.

Living Wills and Healthcare Power of Attorneys are also available to members. For members requiring a significantly higher level of estate planning, Trust preparation is available with a 25% discount.

Contract and Document Review

Legal Shield attorneys will review contracts and legal documents up to 10 pages each. Your attorney will explain in “plain English” the meanings of any legal terms and they will suggest any changes they deem necessary. If the other party has acted improperly, the attorney can contact them on your behalf to resolve the issue.

Whether you’re signing a new cell phone contract, booking a hotel room, or wanting to ensure that you get your full security deposit back from your landlord, legal document review can save you thousands of dollars and countless headaches.

IRS Audit Protection

When you are notified of an audit by the IRS, your Legal Shield attorney will provide consultation, advice or assistance. You may receive, at no additional cost, up to 50 total hours of your attorney’s time to help defend the audit.

Around 1,500,000 audits are conducted annually and 80% of those are done to households making less than $50,000 per year. With Legal Shield, the terrifying prospect of an audit can be a lot less worrisome knowing that you have quality legal protection.

Motor Vehicle Services

Your Legal Shield attorney will be there to help you navigate the twisting roads of moving traffic violations, accidents, defense for charges of manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, or vehicular homicide, and damage recovery, driver's license issues and personal legal injury assistance.

Trial Defense

If you or your spouse are named as a defendant in a covered civil or criminal action, your Legal Shield attorney will provide up to 60 hours of defense at no additional cost to you.

All Other Legal Work

Members receive a 25% discount off the Provider Attorney’s standard rate for all legal work not covered under this plan.

Gun Owner Supplement

Get Firearm Legal Protection From an Experienced Gun Rights Attorney

24/7 Emergency Access

24/7 toll-free access to a provider lawyer for consultation in the event of a covered firearm incident

Advice and Consultation for Gun Owners

Phone consultations and advice from your law firm concerning the use and carrying of a firearm.

  • Gun owner rights
  • Carry and license requirements
  • Advice on where carrying your concealed firearm is allowed
  • Advice on where carrying your firearm is openly allowed
  • Recent changes in gun laws

NFA Gun Trust Services

The Member may have one NFA Gun Trust prepared by the Provider Law Firm per Membership Year, if a NFA Gun Trust is available in the Member's primary state of residence, for a flat fee of $250. A NFA Gun Trust is defined as a gun trust solely for weapons and devices as defined by the National Firearms Act. This Service is subject to a separate Lawyer-Client contract, any required retainers and costs. Any other accompanying documents will be provided under the Preferred Member Discount. Execution and storage of the Gun Trust shall be the sole duty of the Member. Any other type of Gun Trust or a second NFA Gun Trust during the Membership Year will be provided under the Preferred Member Discount.

Trial Defense Services

If the Member is the named defendant in a Covered Lawsuit the Member may receive 60 total hours of trial defense for any Covered Lawsuits filed during that Membership Year. A Covered Lawsuit is a criminal or civil lawsuit filed in a state or federal district court arising from a Firearm Incident involving a Member in good standing, if the Member is in a place where he/she is legally permitted to possess and carry (concealed or open) his/her firearm. These 60 hours consist of up to 20 hours of Pre-Trial Time and 40 hours of Trial Time.

25% Discount

A 25% discount off the provider lawyer’s standard hourly rate for additional trial defense services and/or grand jury investigations, related to a covered firearm incident.


Legal Shield Monthly Premium

Member & Family: $15.95

With Gun Owner Supplement: $28.80

Coverage is included for Member, Spouse, and Children who:

  • Are under 18
  • Are under 21, never married, and live at home
  • Are under 23, never married, and are a full-time student
  • Are any age and are incapable of sustaining employment due to disability and are chiefly dependent on the member for support

Note: Benefits listed are for California. Benefits outside California may vary. Certain benefits have limits on time and scope of coverage.