Armadillo Home Service Plan

We sweat the small stuff and the big stuff so you don't have to. We like to consider ourselves a tool, a service, a benefit. Think of it like healthcare for the home.

A home repair service plan covers the cost of repairs and replacements of certain appliances and systems in a home caused by everyday wear and tear, or from old age.

Malfunctioning microwave?

Fried refrigerator?

Tempermental thermostat?

Old HVAC system?

We've built Armadillo from the ground up to ensure repairing or replacing is uncomplicated and hassle-free. It's as simple as that.

Your Armadillo plan comes with these perks

    • 24/7 Support: Request service in less than 2 minutes at any time
    • Access to our network of qualified and reputable technicians
    • Quick reimbursement when using our trusted technicians for home repairs
    • Replacements when appliances or systems cannot be repaired
    • You can enroll multiple homes in Armadillo plans with your discounted rate (including vacation homes, rental properties, and your family members' homes).


Select from these affordable plan options that provide financial protections when systems break down in the home.