Identity Theft a Top Federal Trade Commission Consumer Complaint!

The Department of Justice estimates almost 17 million Americans will have their identities misused or stolen each year. On average, victims suffer direct losses of $9,650. In addition to the financial losses, victims may spend countless hours in the effort of time to repair their reputations.

Unfortunately, identity thieves target everyone, from children to seniors, and it’s getting worse. Most people don’t find out that they’re victims of identity theft until the damage has been done.

Identity Shield - offered through Kroll, the world’s leading independent risk consultant - enables you to protect your identity and good name. Unlike most credit monitoring programs, Identity Shield’s proactive approach provides not only expert consultation on how to prevent identity theft, but should a breach occur, also offers comprehensive restoration of your identity.

Identity Shield benefits include:

Credit Monitoring provides continuous credit monitoring through TransUnion. Members receive alerts to activity including delinquent accounts, fraud alerts, new accounts, address changes, account inquiries, new public records, and more.

Black Market Website Surveillance (Internet Monitoring) monitors global black market websites, networks, and social feeds for member’s Personally Identifiable Information, looking for matches of Social Security, credit card, bank account, driver’s license, passport, and medical ID numbers. Also searches for matches for your email addresses and matches for your name / date of birth.

Event-Driven Consultation provides assistance in case of lost/stolen wallet and data exposure/breach.

Address Change Verification monitors United States Postal Service address change requests.

Payday Loan Monitoring notifies you when your personal information is associated with a short-term, payday, or similar cash-advance loan.

Quarterly Credit Score Tracker allows you to track your credit score quarterly.

Court Record Monitoring detects criminal activity that may be associated with your personal information.

$5 Million Service Guarantee is provided by ID Shield to all members. ID shield will spend up to $5,000,000 using Kroll’s industry-leading Licensed Private Investigators to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to help recover and restore your identity to its pre-theft status.

For a complete list coverage and restrictions, please refer to the Certificate of Insurance.

Identity Shield Monthly Premium

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Member + Family

Includes spouse / domestic partner and children up to age 18