Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is designed for those seeking a high benefit amount, covering a set period of time (term). Term has the lowest cost, but rates are determined based on your health. Term pays a benefit to your beneficiaries upon your death, but it has no cash value.

Since coverage is based on your health (medically underwritten), a free Paramed visit to your home is required. This is a fast and free height and weight check, blood and urine test, and a few family history questions, usually lasting only a few minutes. Also, at no cost to you, the insurance company will obtain copies of your medical records from your doctor to confirm your answers on the enrollment form.

Minimum benefit amount is $100,000.

Final rates are individually underwritten, but approximate monthly rates for a typical, healthy non-smoker are:

Monthly Rates – $100,000 Benefit




10 Year

20 Year

10 Year

20 Year


























Must be under age 76 to qualify for coverage.

Note: People treated for cancer or depression within the last two years will not qualify for coverage. People diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or heart disease may not qualify for coverage; those who do will generally receive premium rates approximately 100% to 150% higher than those listed above. Rates listed are for individuals who have not used any tobacco product in at least 24 months. Coverage for tobacco users is approximately 135% higher for females and 150% higher for males.